The African Journal of Gender and Religion (AJGR) is a semi-annual publication which is now based at The Desmond Tutu Centre for Religion and Social Justice at the University of the Western Cape.

Since 2004 the journal has published research papers, focused on gender, religion and theology in Africa. The editorial committee considers for publication submissions of a scholarly standard from any of the social science and theological disciplines or fields of inquiry, which provide useful perspectives at the intersections of gender, religion and theology in Africa. Particular areas of interest include the gendered analysis of: religion, theology and the study of religion, innovations in contextual theological education; theological and ethical reflection on social transformation; the significance of new religious movements and African-initiated forms of religion; the role of women in religion and society; interfaith dialogue; peacemaking and reconciliation; normative and non-normative sexualities, and queer politics.

The African Journal of Gender and Religion seeks to promote dialogue and response within the academic community in Africa and beyond, as well as faith practitioners working “on the ground” to build a more just society. These may include religious leaders, clergy, other religious officials, professionals and laity across broad social spectrums who seek to read their faith against the critical issues confronting society today.

Written submissions to the African Journal of Gender and Religion may take the form of researched scholarly articles or essays, book reviews, brief responses to articles, conference reports and summaries of research projects. Articles submitted for the section called “praxis” must show evidence of how sound theoretical reflections are brought to bear on practical action. Within this section on “praxis” we will publish essays that are not considered “mainstream academic” but nonetheless point to theories of gender justice in action. Submissions are evaluated by an editorial committee. Further, the articles are also sent to a minimum of two competent scholars working in a similar field for peer-review.

Prospective contributors of scholarly articles should send a typed copy of their article via email to the submissions editor at submissions@ajgr.org .

All submissions must strictly follow the guidelines set out in the AJGR Style Sheet. Any article that does not conform to the Style Sheet will be returned and will not be further considered until the style requirements are adhered to. Published contributors will receive one complimentary copy of the issue in which their work is published.

Opinions expressed by contributors are solely their own, and do not necessarily reflect those of the editorial committee or the Desmond Tutu Centre for Religion and Social Justice at the University of the Western Cape.